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How to password protect a word document

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There can be many reason for which we may want or need to protect our word document with password. But many of us don't know how can we do it. Without any further ado, let's follow the steps to protect our word document with password.

 1. First of all, we have to open the word document file which we want to protect,

with Microsoft Word. Or have to create one new file.

2. After opening or creating our file, lets click on file option, then select 'info'. 

3. Now click on 'Protect Document'. There will be few protecting option. Select 'Encrypt with Password'.

4. A new dialog box will be opened. Enter your password, click 'enter' then confirm Password by reentering.

That's how you can protect your document with password.

From now you will have to enter the password to open this document. To change or remove the password, open the document again. Follow the early steps, remove or enter new password and hit ok.

Before encrypting your document, remember one thing. If you lose or forget your password, Microsoft Word won't be able to recover it.  So, be sure to keep the  copy of the password in a safe place or create a strong password that you’ll remember.

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