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how to register and run jquery from code behind file

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for purposes you may want to register and run jquery
functions from code behind file.

for this - write the two methods first -

private string getjQueryCode(string jsCodetoRun)
StringBuilder stringb = new StringBuilder();
stringb.AppendLine(" function pageLoad() {");
stringb.AppendLine(" };");

return stringb.ToString();
private void runjQueryCode(string jsCodetoRun)
ScriptManager requestS = ScriptManager.GetCurrent(Page);
if (requestS != null && requestS.IsInAsyncPostBack)
ScriptManager.RegisterStartupScript(this, typeof(Page),
Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), getjQueryCode(jsCodetoRun), true);
Guid.NewGuid().ToString(), getjQueryCode(jsCodetoRun), true);

from the coding you understand how scripts are regsitered.then
to run any jquery functions you will call above methods as follows-

runjQueryCode("$(function () {$('.slider_callout').val('" + tempo / 10 + "');
var bvalue = $('.bavalue').val();........ });");

you can run any jquery codes above

If you have questions about this post or any topics, post your questions in
discussions/forum in this website, you will get your answer

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