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how to extract day,month,year values from date string input in php

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there are many ways to take date input in
is a simple way to take date input as string and
extract the individual parts of the date as day,
month,year values.this values can be used for
different purposes -

suppose you have taken the date input in a form
by the following way using html -

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)<br><input type="text"
name="dob" size="8" maxlength="8" class="txt">

after the form have been submitted and dob was
past as POST data,extract the individual parts
of the date.first make use of the explode function
as follows-

array = explode("/", $dob);
$dobmonth = $array[0];
$dobday = $array[1];

if ($array[2] > 80)
$dobyear = "19" . $array[2];

$dobyear = "20" . $array[2];
$fdob = "$dobyear-$dobmonth-$dobday";

here the individual parts were extracted
as dobyear,dobmonth,dobday.

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