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Speed up your PC easily

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Many times our computer works very slowly. And that is very annoying. Now there are

some tips to eliminate this annoyance. Now let's know some tips on speeding up your computer… 

 Tips 1

Click Windows+R from to open command and type 'tree' and click OK. This increases the RAM performance.

Do this occasionally.

Tips 2

Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete or right mouse button on the taskbar.

Then click on 'Processes'. You will see a list of many programs. Select the programs that are

currently not working and click 'End Process'. If you accidentally shut down a program and

if there is any problem with the operating system, just restart the computer. All will be fixed.

Tips 3

If the computer's memory is low, the computer becomes slow. Computer speed can be increased

somewhat by increasing the virtual memory. To increase the virtual memory..

first, Place the mouse on My Computer/This PC and right-click on it and go to Properties.

Now click on Advance and click on Performance settings. Click on Advance again.

Now click on change and in the new window, enter the Initial Size and Maximum

Size of your desired size and then click on 'Set' and 'ok'. However, the initial size is

recommended to set twice of your original ram and maximum size to set 4x of ram.

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