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how to show bookmarks bar on Chrome Firefox

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Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are most popular modern browser. They are ahead of the rest for fast, stunning browsing functionality and many more. Normal user don't know many of their hidden features such as Bookmarks Bar.


 What is Bookmarks Bar?

Bookmark bar is the navigation bar of the Browser. It allows you to put your most favorite and common website link in top menu bar. From where you can visit those site in one click. Who don't know how to activate or reveal this Bar in your browser, follow the following steps.

Bookmarks Bar in Chrome

To show or reveal Google Chrome Bookmarks bar-

First open Chrome Setting. To open setting, click on the menu. It is three dot in the Top Right corner. Then select setting from those menu.

Next, click on Appearance from left Setting menu. 

Now, there is the 'Show Bookmarks Bar' setting. Turn it on, your Bookmark Bar will reveal below address bar. Above Bookmark Bar, there is 'Show Home Button'. You can turn it on if you need.

Firefox Bookmark Bar

To Activate Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Bar, follow this steps-

Open Firefox setting, it's three bar in the top right corner.

Next find and click on 'Customize' from menu settings.

Now in the Customize Firefox page, there is bottom option. Click on toolbar and Check Bookmarks Bar from this menu.  You will see the new Bookmarks Bar below address bar.

That's how we can activate or show bookmarks bar inn Chrome and Firefox browser. Do you know how to add items on this bar? Just click on the star icon in the address bar and change the folder to Bookmarks Bar.

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