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Modify wordpress post using filter

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It's possible to insert any kind of content in wordpress post or page using
short codes, but if you want to inject/modify content in post in more
advanced manner then there is a alternative is using filter
here i show how to do it using "the_content" filter - In your plugin add these codes -
function my_plugin_post_filter($content) { // assuming you created a page or post entitled 'my_certain_post' if ($GLOBALS['post']->post_name == 'my_certain_post') { return var_export($GLOBALS['post'], TRUE ); // you can add your modification logic here } // else returns database content return $content; } add_filter( 'the_content', 'my_plugin_post_filter' ); // filter declaration

For more filters, read the doc -

hope that helps to get idea before doing something big, If you have more questions, post
in forum in this site to get sorted out.
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