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How to take Screenshots on Windows PC

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There is 2 build in way to take a screenshots on windows operating PC. Let's take them.

 1. Using Keyboard key

The first and fastest way to take screenshots in PC is keyboard key. Just Press ctrl (control) + PrtScn (print screen)

to capture the full viewing display. This action copied the image in clipboard.

You ca directly paste it in various places such as facebook or MS Word. To save this screenshots,

open paint from programs, paste the copied screenshots and save where you want. This method

works for all version of windows. However, for Windows vista and higher version, there is a better

way to take screenshot.


2. Snipping Tool

Snipping tool is the modern windows apps to take or capture screen. To open Snipping Tool,

press windows or start button and start typing Snipping ... You won't have to complete typing.

When you see Snipping Tool, just open it. Click on new, then select screen. With this app,

you can simply select any part of the screen. After your selection, the captured screen will be

open in a window. Now you can draw over it or highlights. Next save it or close it. Whether

you do, the last version of captured screen will be copied in clipboard. For Windows 8 and higher,

there is a delay option to delay the capture. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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