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how to set default operating system and run startup programs when computer starts

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If you have multiple operating systems in your windows computer
then following ways you can set which will be run as default when
computer starts -
1.Click start menu and then click "run" program.Run window will appear.
Type msconfig in the box.for windows 7 type "msconfig" in the
"search program and files" box, if you don't see run at start menu.
System configuration window
will appear

2.Click boot tab and there select the operating system and click
set as default to set it as default.

Also if you want to run some programs when computer starts -

1.Then from previous sys configuration window, click startup tab

2.Select items in startup items column which will be loaded
when computer starts.Deselect those you don't want to start.
It's a good idea to deselect some unknown automatic updating
programs else these will run when computer starts and
damage your system.
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