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how you can accomplish a project successfully?

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if you are participating in a project of a
course,assignment,others on or
or may be others then you should follow the
steps for finishing the project successfully.

1.first define all the objects for your project.
you must go in this way for successfull
finishing in object oriented way.if you are
implementing a bank management system,the
objects may be savings account,checking,

2.fill & write in your class responsibility
collaborator(CRC) diagram with
should know about a brief,its a dependency
diagram between objects.

3.if you are in a team,make a poster and mark
a task in a paper for each member in the poster.
first place the paper for a member in the
'in progress' column then if he/she finishes
the task then pick it up and mark it in the
'finished' column in the this way
you can convince your teacher/trainer about
the progress for the project and let him know
who is doing what.

4.use google if u fail to write the codes
appropriately or anything you want to know
for the project.

hope this helps to achieve the project

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