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how to install and uninstall visual studio (other details)

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we all know about VS 08/10.Its a great software
for making desktop and web applications
and for other tasks.

If you are a fresher,you may find different
problems in installing,running,unstalling
visual studio 2008/2010.I want to write some tips
and steps to guide you.

installing is simple.follow- setup.a dialog box with 3 options will 'install Visula Studio 2008'

2.then after some copying installation
wizard will next to proceed.
in the next window you will see which parts
needed are installed before and which will
be installed by the installer and a
license agreement.check-'I have read and accept
the license terms'and click next.

3.from the next window selecet your destination
directory where visual studio will be installed.
and then click install.

uninstalling it is a difficult task.follow my
observation and solution-

observation-"when I first used visual studio,I
installed it successfully but later I got errors
on ralating assembly manifest plus other
I was unable to debug I uninstalled the
visual studio and tried to install it again but
installation was failed because installer was unable
to install dot net framework."

solution-"I tried by different ways and at last
found that installing windows xp by formatting
a drive where i want to install visual studio is
the solution for install it again.but later I
found that without installing XP or formatting a
drive for installing visual studio 08,there is
another way is-use dot net framework removing tool
from microsoft and then install again visual
studio 2008.see my previous post about the
features on that tool"

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