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How to configure IIS localhost

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make sure you have made the following configuration
to your IIS to run applications- IIS from control panel->performance and
maintenance->administrative tool->internet information

2.In the IIS configuration open 'web sites' folder.
then click 'default web site',again click the start
button at top right.

3.If you placed your application folder in the
c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ then your folder name will
appear under 'default web site' folder.

4.if it appears then right click on your application box will appear.enable application
name in the directory tab under application setting.
5.then click documents tab and add your default page
from your application folder. tab and make sure version
is selected right.

7.also from tab click 'edit configuration
setting' configuration settings box
will application tab and select
'page language default' language. everything and write in your browser
address bar-http://localhost/yourApplicationFolder
to test your application.

If you failed to do feel free to contact me

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