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how the pages are processed by the server and local machine

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Every web programmer should know about the server the server processes the client
requests and responses.

normally we know that browser
of a client request a web page to the server and the
server responses with the page.but in
application thing's are done in a different approach-

here is what happens- pages are simply text page with aspx extension.
1.client requests an aspx page

2.server passes the page to the runtime of
which is a program running on the server and is
responsible for reading and compiling the page into
.net class.

3.this .net class is then used to generate the Html
which is sent back to the client. this way each concurrent request for the page
avoids the process of compilation.this .net class
is able to respond to the request directly,generating
the page's Html and sending the html to the Client.

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