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how to register scripts and styles in wordpress

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In wordpress there are some definite ways to add scripts and styles
in your custom plugin.If you don't follow these rules you might
encounter numerous problems specially related with jquery.

Add this code in your plugin to register scripts and css files for your
custom plugin -

add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'facebook_wall_and_social_integration_scripts');

this action - "wp_enqueue_scripts" is responsible for injecting script and style
files declaration for your plugin.So now you will add above registered function -

function facebook_wall_and_social_integration_scripts() { 
wp_register_script('mitsol_feed_javascript', plugins_url('js/fbookwall.js', __FILE__), array("jquery"));
wp_register_style('mitsol_feed_bootstrap', plugins_url('css/bootstrap.css', __FILE__));

here -

"wp_enqueue_script" will register jquery first if you needed.
"wp_register_script" will register custom javascript file inside your plugin, in
this case you have to add "wp_enqueue_script" as function shows.

Likewise, you add styles by the last two lines in the above function.

Hope you liked it.if you have further questions, then post in discussions forum.

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