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using HttpCookie in application

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HttpCookie is a very good way to store small amount of data
in application/ can access cookie value in
any page once set in a page.cookie can stay for long time in the
user's computer.

in some cases cookies are very useful in to use
cookie in detail -

//fist check whether cookie exists(created before)
HttpCookie Mitsol_HttpCookieComid = Request.Cookies["Mitsol_HttpCookieComId"];

//if exists
if (Mitsol_HttpCookieComid != null)
{ //do anything with the cookie value }

//not exists create new cookie
HttpCookie Mitsol_HttpCookieComId = new HttpCookie("Mitsol_HttpCookieComId");
Mitsol_HttpCookieComId.Value = id.ToString();


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