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how to make a contact form in wordpress

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Making a contact form is very popular in wordpress. 

Following code shows how i made a contact form.

 add_shortcode("mitsol_referral_contact_form", 'mitsol_referral_contact_form_replace_scode');    

function mitsol_referral_contact_form_replace_scode() {    





    /* Return the buffer contents into a variable */

    $msfb_html_content = ob_get_contents();

    /*Empty the buffer without displaying it. We don't want the previous html shown */


    /* The text returned will replace our shortcode matching text */

    return $msfb_html_content;


function mrcf_html_form_code($mrcf_html_content)


    $mrcf_html_content.= '<form action="' . esc_url( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) . '" method="post">

   <!-- put all form html elements here --> 

    <input type="submit" id="mrcf-submitted" name="mrcf-submitted" class="mrcf-input-boxes" value="Send"         </form></div>';    

    echo $mrcf_html_content;    


function mrcf_process_form() {

   //check if form submitted then process submitted form data  

    if ( isset( $_POST['mrcf-submitted'] ) ) { 

   // process submitted form data here 



Even if you know wordpress as a beginner you can understand 

above codes, first i defined a short code, in the shortcode function 

i defined a function mrcf_html_form_code() which puts form htmls 

in web page. And when form submitted, mrcf_process_form() 

function checks if form submitted or not and processes form data.


Hope you liked it, i described everything in a very simple way. 

don't forget to share it.




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