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how to insert,update,delete data in joomla tables

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how to insert data in specific joomla table? this way -

$database = JFactory::getDBO();
$database->setQuery("INSERT INTO `#__tablename` (`id`, `TicketId`,`Requested`)
values('', '".$database->getEscaped(trim($_REQUEST['tktnum']))."',
if ($database->getErrorNum()) { echo "records inserting failed";}
else { echo "record inserting completed successfully"; }

here $database->getErrorNum() call is essential to determine
whether inserting was successful or a failure.

how to update data row in specific joomla table?

It's the same way as above but query will be update query like this one -
$database->setQuery("UPDATE `#__mysqltable` SET `Status`='1'
WHERE `TicketId`='1'");

how to delete data row in specific joomla table?

It's also the same way as i wrote above.An example of the query -
$database->setQuery("delete from `#__phptablename` where `id`='5'");

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