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Dont know which database is used by your Joomla site?

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Its easy to find name of the database used by our joomla website. Just open your root directory via FTP, access the file configuration.php from the root folder.

Locate the configuration.php file in the root directory. Open the configuration.php file and scroll down the file and you will see the following lines:

    var $dbtype = 'mysqli' or 'mysql';
    var $host = 'localhost';
    var $user = 'username_mysqluser';
    var $db = 'username_mysqldatabase';
    var $dbprefix = 'prefix_';
    var $password = 'mysqlpassword';

var $db field is the name of your database – username_mysqldatabase;

var $user field is the name of the mysql user added to your database;

var $password field is the password for your mysql database to access.

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