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Static Members in c#

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A c# class can have both static and non static members.
static members is declared with the keyword static.

static members used or belong to the class in which
it was declared rather than to objects of class.

data fields,member functions,events,properties are
declared as static or non static.

static field example -

class TestClass
public static int first;
public static int second = 20;

Static member function example -

inside a c# class member functions can be defined
as static which can access only static members and
non static members by an instance of class.

class TestClass
private static int fi = 20;
private static int se = 40;
public static void Method()

class My{ public static void Main(){ My.Method(); }}

Static properties example -

class MyClass
public static int X
get{ Console.Write("GET");return 10; }
set{ Console.Write("SET"); }}

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