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naming conventions for Class, Variable, control, other names in code

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in coding giving proper names to methods,classes,controls,
variables,others is neccessary and good programming practice.
think that a method name-show button click.

if it was written like showbuttonclick then most of viewers
could not understand because nouns and verbs were written with
no gaps at all and they will try to guess it wrong.if it is
written as - ShowButtonClick then those capitals shows a
specific verbs and nouns,easy to understand.

following are the naming conventions-
1.Class,namespace names should Start with capital.
example-public class Naming ,etc.

2.method names should start with capital-
example-public void Employee(string id, string name), etc.

3.all variable names of any type should start with small letter-
example-Naming namingObj,enum employeeType etc.

4.all windows controls like TextBox,DataGridView names should start
with small letter-

also form names should start with a capital.

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