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how to specify help in

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to display the help and let the users easily get help
whenever they need it you can call the Help.ShowHelp
method in your form.

for this first create a windows it help
place a button in the designer and set the text-show help.
now double click on the button and write the following
code the the code file-
Help.ShowHelp(Form, @"d:\Helpfile.htm");

or you can also define a parameter-HelpNavigator.this
will specify which elements to display from the help file.
you may also define a keyword to search for.a example
Help.ShowHelp(Form, @"d:\HelpFile.htm", "Topic");

the HelpProvider component lets you specify control help
on form.this HelpProvider,an extender provider-maintains
properties for every control added in the may
define a HelpString for every control on you form.

this string is shown whenever the focus of the control is
active and f1 is may also define a HelpNameSpace
which defines the Url for the file of help related with

some properties are HelpString,HelpKeyWord,HelpNavigator.
you can set these properties for this component.

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