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Super User

in one of my application i had to refresh a page when the page is
loaded from a click i used javascript to do that but i
had to do it from code behind by registering javascript -

Friday, 08 March 2013 13:55

how to join two tables by Left Join sql

there are different kind of joins available by sql like
inner join,left join, the following example i will show
how to do left join which i used in my application to
get data from two tables -

in some way these codes will help you very much if you need
to know file extension.
method below returns true if extension are any of the following -

Monday, 15 April 2013 13:56

how to validate a email address by c#

It's a very logical requirement to validate user entered email
address before processing this way you will
never get a invalid email address when you do something
with email address like send email,etc.

using membership Probvider you can easily
make a user login using username and password and redirect to
default or any page by the following way -

you may want to show smooth jquery popup when user visited
your site or on a button click in any page,etc... from code behind.

i am here sharing codes for showing popup using jquery properly -

following way a DataTable with data can be used to
populate gridview control in codes get files list
from a file path and adds in DataTable then sets that
DataTable as a DataSource of the GridView grdDirList.

using SMO classes one can backup a sql server database
in .bak extension.It's a programming approach to backup
database.there are other ways but using SMO classes it
is efficient and error free.

sometimes it's needed to check whether there are multiple same
modules in the current page or not to keep one version of the
module or some other checks.

Saturday, 04 May 2013 13:54

using HttpCookie in application

HttpCookie is a very good way to store small amount of data
in application/ can access cookie value in
any page once set in a page.cookie can stay for long time in the
user's computer.