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how to insert data in specific joomla table? this way -
Saturday, 03 August 2013 22:37

how to generate facebook access token

Facebook access token is needed whenever you access
facebook stream of page or profile, Graph api call to post
to facebook.there are many ways by which you can generate
access token.By the following way you can create short lived
access token for a user as well as extend it to long lived
token -

You can show wall posts of any public facebook page/group/profile
using Graph api in your website if you know javascript & jquery.

Nowadays soial media like facebook is in almost
all websites.
You may want to show all comments or limited number of comments
for a facebook post in your website(not in facebook).Using Graph api
it can be done easily.Follow my codes here, then details below -
Any one can comment,like a facebook post from a website
outside of facebook.following codes shows how one can
implement that in their website.
Facebook dialog is a great way to post to a profile/page wall.
There are many dialogs in faceook developer doc page -
Facebook Graph Api enables to post to any public page/profile wall
on behalf of any user.In the following codes i show how using
fb javascript sdk-
Friday, 02 August 2013 23:12

Some tips on Web Browsing

how to use private browsing?

If you don't want to save cookies and histories for certain activities
and for security purposes while browsing then Press CTRL + Shift + N,
which will launch new private browsing for Chrome, CTRL + Shift + P will
do it for Firefox and IE.
If you have multiple operating systems in your windows computer
then following ways you can set which will be run as default when
computer starts -