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Tuesday, 29 January 2013 13:55

Getting the element Id that fired an event using JQuery

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you may want to get the control's or html element's
id when clicked or other events fired for that element.
It can be done in many ways using jquery or simple javascript.

here i wrote one simple way to that..when element clicked a javascript
function will be this function we get the id this way -

function Mitsol_CommentAdd(caller) {
var id =; // id will store the id
var newid = id.split("_");
if (newid[2] == "submit") { } //do task

in page - control look like below -

<asp:Button ID='Mitsol_Submit_Button' OnClientClick="Mitsol_CommentAdd(this); return false;"
CssClass="button bigrounded blue" runat="server" resourcekey="Submit Comment"/>

for html element you will use click instead OnClientClick.

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