Its simple to fix Menu items opening a 404 Page Not Found error in joomla, just follow the following steps,

  •     Open your configuration.php file and edit the var $live_site = ' '; line to match the actual URL of your website. If your website is for example, the line should look like this:
  •     var $live_site = ' ';

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While accessing your joomla site it occurs Database Error: Unable to connect to the database: Could not connect to database, the solution is simple...Check the following steps
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It's very common purpose when it comes to insert advertising scripts
or other html codes in a joomla can easily create a plugin
which can insert your code after title or content or before content
of the article.Following way i demonstrate how to achieve
this great task -

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Saturday, 03 August 2013 22:41

how to get joomla module parameters

It's a very common to get joomla module's setting parameters in
code to process the module.It's easy but sometimes things
become complicated if you don't find the right way to do

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how to insert data in specific joomla table? this way -
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Monday, 08 July 2013 22:47

how to use session in joomla

session is a essential part of joomla. It's main use
is for remembering user login, also there are many
usage of it.

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